For years Jews have known how unhealthy pork is for the human body. Most Gentiles only know about trichinosis and they feel that if they cook the pork meat well enough they can avoid that terrible disease. But did you know it causes many other health problems such as inflammations of the appendix and gall bladder, biliary colics, acute intestinal catarrh, gastroenteritis with typhoid and paratyphoid symptoms, as well as acute eczema, carbuncles, sudoriparous abscesses, and others? It also causes high stress levels and emits toxins and poisons into the human body.
Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg writes the following concerning those who eat pork…
“The Islamic population does not consume pork and is healthy, working to a considerable age as porters for numerous expeditions. The races of the Western civilizations living on the other side of the valley do not observe the Islamic rules of behavior and eating, and suffer from all of the common illnesses. In other words .the population which observes the Islamic laws is healthy, while those who follow the habits of western civilization manifest all the typical diseases which come with the consumption of pork”.
He also links all the health problems I mentioned above.
Scripture is clear on the point.
Deut. 14: "You may eat any animal that has a split hoof divided in two and that chews the cud. However, of those that chew the cud or that have a split hoof completely divided you may not eat the camel, the rabbit or the coney. Although they chew the cud, they do not have a split hoof; they are ceremonially unclean for you. The pig is also unclean; although it has a split hoof, it does not chew the cud. You are not to eat their meat or touch their carcasses."
Pork eaters are also more susceptible to the bird flu! Pig health.com says, “Pigs are an important host in influenza ecology since they are susceptible to infection from both human and avian influenza (bird flu).” It must be understood that the lungs of a pig is very similar to that of a human. Pig lung is a main ingredient in sausage and it’s been found that people who eat sausage are more susceptible to influenza then those who don’t.
If the US gets hit with the bird flu, pork eaters will contract it first and will suffer the most. When we disobey G-d’s Word, we pay the consequences. Those who say that “The Law is only for the Jews”, fine then, at least it will keep me alive. If you’re not really into living, then by all means, don’t keep kosher. G-d gave us The Law for a reason, because it is good for us. Sometimes physically, sometimes spiritually sometimes both.
I even keep my dogs kosher. Sound funny? Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg writes that pork consumption in dogs causes them to develop mange and itching skin sores, as well as tendency for severe internal diseases.
Pork consumption also affects the brain. A survey was done on those who have a high pork intake and those who had a low pork intake. They found that those with a low pork intake (those who didn’t eat much pork) had a higher I.Q.
I mentioned that eating pork causes toxins in the body. The poisonous substances contained in pork, called sutoxins, cause most of the illnesses which are chronic and difficult to treat. According to Reckeweg's homotoxicology, Pork consumption causes these specific stress substances which are found to be intercellular, that is,
1.as cholesterol-loaded macromolecules in the blood in cases of hypertonia, arteriosclerosis. plethora and in the walls of the cancer cells (so-called neoplasma phases);
2.as histamine and as imidazole bodies in cases of urticaria, herpes, dermatitis, eczema (causing itching), initiating inflammatory processes with furuncles, carbuncles, fluor albus, appendicitis, cholangitis, cholecystitiS, thrombophlebitiS and phlegmonS;
3.as growth hormone in promoting inflammatory and growth tendencies in cases of adipositas, acromegaly, neoplasma phases and hyperplasia;
4.as fatty acids in cases of hypotonia, polycythemia;
5.as mesenchymal, mucous substances rich in sulfur (amino sugars, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and others) in cases of myogelosis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and arthritis;
6.as oncogenic agent;
7.as influenza virus.

Hence, the pathological symptoms referred to, can be completely cured through biological treatment only, provided that a total abstinence from pork is observed.
These illnesses cause one to become immobile and thus depressed. If you want to lead a happier life, do as G-d told us to do and live a Biblically kosher life. If you want to insist that “Christians can eat whatever they want” then you will find out exactly why G-d told us not to eat things that are unclean.
Another interesting fact has been found in test rats. Rats that were fed pork meat became cannibalistic. They began eating each other. Just things that make you go hmm.

Rabbi Stanley

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Anonymous #1 i'd prefer living with pigs on my island
My reply: I bet you would!
Rabbi Stanley

Anonymous #2 Not Alot Of People Know This But There Is Gelatin In Most Food's And That Gelatin Is From Pig So Please Read Lables For Kosher Lables A Popular One Is "OU" Orthodox Union They Certifiy Alot Of Food.
My reply: Excellent advice! Thank you.
Anonymous #3 have you ever thought of putting this on the news paper,or sending it to docter's,school's,hospital's,praying before you do and let the lord do the rest?GOD BLESS,thank you for the info.
My reply: More good advice, thanks again.

Anonymous #4 lips that touch swine wont touch mine..! a little kosher humor
My reply: Oink Vey! :-)

April 19th 2009
Anonymous #5: Your article is very good, and I hope you will add more facts in the future about how bad pork consumption is for humans.

Shalom Anonymous #5,
Thanks for writing in and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I'm not sure I can really add more then what I've said here. In short I've written that if one eats pork they will make them stupid and it will kill them. If they need more then that, well, it proves they've already eaten too much pork already.
R. Stanley